PAXSAFE Corporate

For more than 3 decades the founders of PAXSAFE have been at the leading edge of technology based personalized accommodation services, the person to person or peer to peer economy. In 2020 PAXSAFE reformed its vision to formulate a broader company foot print to capture a share of the online economic assurgency. “We are not in the business of predicting the future but it is fair to assume that it will be more online based than the past. ” said PAXSAFE founder Peter Morony. “Rather than predicting the future it is better to drive what that future becomes. Technology is here to serve us mere mortals. It is human common property and I believe it should serve to enhance enterprise participation and prosperity for us all, not just the elites.” Said Mr Morony.


Australian Domestic – Vacation Rentals.

PAXSAFE Pty Ltd trading as Paxsafe Sydney has hosted in excess of one million guest nights since its inception. The past decade has seen the ascendancy of the internet online travel agencies like Expedia, Airbnb and which have made this possible. To expand beyond the internet PAXSAFE is now plugging its accommodation stock availability into the Global Distribution Systems which power the hotel, airline and most importantly the global high street travel industry. For example, Sabre is the second-largest GDS, accounting for about 35% of travel agency bookings. Travelport GDS Galileo, Worldspan, Apollo and Travelsky in China are others.

“We all love the internet but most people don’t realise it is not the only game in town. Business, corporate and senior travellers often prefer to rely on the professional expertise comfort and reliability of the bricks and mortal high street travel agencies. The Global Distribution Systems powering these agencies charge just one tenth of the service fees and commissions charged by the internet big names like Expedia & Airbnb. I cannot ignore that a property owner must pay Airbnb $450 for a $3000 booking where as a GDS will only charge the property owners $12 for that same booking,” said Mr Morony.

PAXSAFE will be the first short term rental booking service which markets properties to both Internet Agencies, and High Street travel agencies serving business corporate and senior travellers.

Australian Domestic - Midterm Business Rentals

PAXSAFE Sydney responded to the Covid shut down of global vacation travel by repurposing owners’ properties to accommodate short to mid term business travellers and the like on a residential basis.

“It was a nightmare scenario. Owners still had to pay their property costs like mortgages, state and local government taxes, building management levies, and insurances. Empty spaces were just not a possibility so we reacted quickly to the Covid lockdown landscape,” said Mr Morony.

PAXSAFE will continue to supplement vacation rentals by offering Mid Term Business accommodation booking into the future. This meshes with our Global Distribution strategy.



In line with our peer-to-peer democratic technological vision and in sync with Australian Federal Government policy, PAXSAFE TECHNOLOGY will leverage existing relationships to enable remote and regional small and medium Australian businesses to realize reap the benefits of the online evolution.

We are contracting to offer “full stack” solutions to remote and regional business through our portal. Thousands of primary producers and processors need domain names, hosting, website development, remote monitoring and management, security, hardware, software, online stores, and most importantly online product development on a business-by-business basis.

“Helping small regional business to identify and create their own products, and then sell those products directly to consumers is now a very real possibility for thousands of regional and remote businesses.” said Mr Morony.

With the capital city centric technology market saturated by service providers we have turned our attention to what technology can achieve for the largely untapped remote and regional Australian small to medium enterprises.


Employment Services. Through our and portals PAXSAFE will soon form a post covid response to the critical staffing needs of primary producers and processors in a changed world.

Due for release in Australia in 2022 this technology will be offered globally on a GPS driven basis.

PAXSAFE is working to partner with Rural Dynamix who currently hold significant agricultural expertise as well as the single largest contact pool of remote and regional businesses in existence. We are also hoping to integrate with their Many Busy Hands service which is Australia’s first Australian owned job placement service.


Farm Gate eCommerce. Through our online shopping mall portal now under development we will complete our technology offerings by providing the ability for our clients to sell direct within a centralized online shopping mall. Without developing their own ecommerce store and generating their own site visitors PAXSAFE BUYASSIE l assist our clients to fast track their products to the emergent desire of Australians to buy Australian, and exploit the emergent world market of consumers to source Australian clean green pure Australian product direct from the farm gate, delivered directly to their door.



Giving Back is our corporate commitment to combat climate change, preventing, and alleviating, human suffering in Australia and in United Nations Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Our organisation meets these significant goals, by engaging with bodies working in least developed countries delivering a range UNFCCC Scheme project development. These are quality-assured programs, that are specifically designed to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing and positive action on climate. For more details see