Terms and Conditions

Please be aware of the following Terms and Conditions when choosing to let or stay with PAXSAFE.

1. Bookings

Bookings can be taken for select apartments up to 9 months from arrival date only, unless otherwise specified by the property owner or a property managing agent. We are unable to guarantee stays beyond this period.

2. Credit Cards

All accommodation must be paid for in advance of occupation. Payments can be made online via your booking channel or via the PAXSAFE web site, by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners Club or PayPal. You booking site may charge you a booking fee, and the PAXSAFE site charges a Card processing fee of 1.9% + 2% for all Visa & MasterCard transactions involving a currency exchange (i.e. USD to AUD. This is the industry standard for these fees.

3. Payment

Accommodation up to 9 months requires full payment and can be booked online. Accommodation from 9 months + is charged calendar monthly & part thereof. Guests must submit a tenancy application for stays over 9 months.

4. Cancellations and Transfers

4.1 Cancellation by Guest:A booking cancellation made more than 28 days prior to the guest’s arrival date shall be treated as follows:

4.1.1) 50% refund

4.1.2 ) the property will be advertised for booking (at the booked rate or lesser figure as agreed by the guest),

4.1.3) if the property is subsequently rebooked than a sum equal to the new booking amount less the amount already refunded in 1. above shall be paid to the original guest,

4.1.4) where reletting is achieved a cancellation administration fee of $165 will be charged to the original guest.

4.2 ) Cancellation by Guest: A cancellation made on or less than 28 days prior to the guest’s arrival date shall be treated as follows:

4.2.1) no refund,

4.2.2) the property will be readvertised for booking (at the booked rate or lesser figure as agreed by the guest),

4.2.3) if the property is subsequently rebooked than a sum equal to the new booking amount less an administration fee of $165 shall be provided to the original guest.

4.3) Cancellation by Supplier: PAXSAFE reserves the right to cancel any booking before or during your stay. PAXSAFE Sydney will endeavor to find alternative accommodation to the value of the original booking where possible or provide a full refund on any outstanding nights. PAXSAFE Sydney takes no responsibility for any further costs incurred due to cancellation by PAXSAFE.

4.4) Cancellation by Supplier: The above, 4.3, does not apply to a guest not abiding by the guest responsibilities set out in this document, and or the House Rules set out on the property profile lodged with your booking channel.

4.5) Transfer of a booking: More than 28 days prior to a guests arrival date they shall be able to transfer their booking once only to another period. If the new dates fall in another booking season than the guests shall be liable for any difference between the rates. An administration fee of $77 applies to this transfer.

4.6) Any transfer is at the discretion of PAXSAFE.

4.7) Guests are strongly advised to take out travel insurance at time of booking to cover them against any loss that may occur as a result of changed circumstance.

5. Security Deposit

Where your booking channel is not holding a security deposit amount paid by you against your booking a credit card authorization (a signed credit card imprint or electronic equivalent) will be taken Bby PAXSAFE as security or $1500 cash bond is to be provided to cover telephone charges, any breakages and additional services as required by the guest. Charges will be applied to the security deposit/credit card to cover these costs where warranted, after your departure. Please note: Keys cannot be handed over without a security deposit being paid via your booking channel or via PAXSAFE directly.

6. Arrival/Departure

6.1) Check-in time is from 2pm, check-out time is by 10:00am. If you require a late check-out, you must contact our reservations office at least 24 hours in advance. Late check out times cannot be guaranteed; however, we will do our best to satisfy your request.

6.2) Keys can be collected from our office, or alternatively we can arrange to have you met at the property on arrival, however this service may not be available at certain times and a charge will apply for this service. Guests are required to phone our office 1 hour prior to arrival, without exception. This is to ensure that there is someone available to serve you. PAXSAFE takes no responsibility for waiting times when checking in.

6.3) PAXSAFE may be acting solely as a booking agent for certain properties. In these instances we will provide you with the appropriate arrival/departure information. PAXSAFE Sydney takes no responsibility for the actions of the accommodation provider.

7. Guests' Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of every guest to read and abide by these terms and conditions. It is further the responsibility of every guest to abide by the following ‘Guest Conditions’.

7.1) Unless reported at the start of a guests stay the most recent guest will be held responsible for any breakages and/or damage to the property and its contents.

7.2) Loss or theft of any item is also the responsibility of the guest. This includes the loss or damage of keys, security passes and car park remotes. Any expense will be passed onto the guest.

7.3) It is the responsibility of all guests to report any issue with the property in which they reside. This includes any disturbance, damage, loss or any possible criminal matter. After hours contact numbers can be obtained by calling (02) 93802645.

7.4) Guests are required to show due care and ensure that doors & windows are locked at all times when not in use.

7.5) Guests should be aware that in most situations there will be neighbours who permanently reside in the building and/or local area. Guests are required to respect the right of every person to have quite enjoyment of their property.

7.6) Guests are required to behave in a sensible manner and to keep any noise to a low level between the hours of 11:30pm and 6:30am every night of the year.

7.7) Guests are expected to keep the property at a level of cleanliness that could be considered acceptable to an average person. Any unnecessary damage resulting from poor cleanliness will be the responsibility of the guest and charges will apply.

7.8) Guests are expected to leave the property in a condition that would be considered acceptable to an average person. If cleaners are required to make additional charges these will be passed onto guests.

7.9) PAXSAFE reserves the right to deny occupancy to any guest at any time before or during their stay. No full or part refund will be provided unless agreed to in writing by PAXSAFE.

7.10) PAXSAFE charges a $125 hourly rate for administration and workload resulting from guests not abiding by the above conditions. This rate is set in our schedule of fees and will be provided upon request.

7.11) PAXSAFE is under no responsibility to contact a guest before lodging any charges, however we will typically endeavor to do so.

7.12) PAXSAFE is under no responsibility to make charges within a set time frame, however we will typically endeavor to finalise any charges within 30 days of departure.

7.13) "Pets" are not allowed.

7.14) The number of tenants must not exceed the maximum number allowed, as shown on the booking form provided by the guest. If a property is reported to be overloaded the tenants will be asked to vacate with no refund made.

7.15) All properties are privately owned. Please respect the owner’s property and do not remove furniture or move furniture around. Do not move items from property to property.

7.16) We will describe the premises, position and furnishings to the best of our ability and in good faith. No responsibility or refunds for alleged misrepresentation can be accepted.

7.17) Guests must take all garbage to the appropriate bins on departure.

7.18) It is the responsibility of all guests to read all information provided when checking into an apartment.

7.19) All apartments are non-smoking.

7.20) Apartments are to be used for the sole purpose of accommodation. Parties, gatherings, meetings, photographic shoots, commercial use or any other non-accommodation use is strictly forbidden.

7.21) Should any of the above responsibilities not be adhered to, additional charges will apply.

7.22) By checking/ticking the box in the “Arrival Checklist” form of PAXSAFE I confirm that I understand PAXSAFE Terms and Conditions including PAXSAFE “Guest Conditions”. PAXSAFE is unable to process bookings unless this section is complete.

8. Limitation of Liability

In no event shall PAXSAFE its affiliates or any of the respective directors , officers, employees, agents or content or service providers be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising from or directly or indirectly related to the use of or the inability to use, the PAXSAFE site or the content, property, materials and functions related thereto, including, without limitations, loss of revenue, or anticipated profits, or lost business, data or sales, or cost of substitute property or services, even if PAXSAFE or its representative or some of the above limitations may not apply to you. In no event shall the total liability of PAXSAFE to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract or tort, including, but not limited to, negligence or otherwise) arrising from the terms of your use of these sites and property related thereto exceed , in the aggregate, $100.