About Paxsafe

About Us

The Directors of Paxsafe have more than 15 years’ experience in accommodating inbound vacationers and tourists in the Private Apartment Space. They built the foundations for Australia’s most successful market leading services like Sharespace, Flatmate Finders an GayShare operating in Australia, since before the inception of Airbnb, successfully and insightfully with an unblemished record. You can rely on us and on our long standing commitment and experience.

Focused on Satisfaction

We host true to the share economy concept – peer to peer, for property owners & for guests. To do that we Host your holiday rental booking so it is hassle free. Our governor is the 5-star review system on your booking web site If at any point you would not feel comfortable giving us a 5-star Guest reviews, and it is a problem that we might be able to fix, please give us a chance to restore your 5-Star experience.

Airbnb was our first guest booking channel. Since then we have opened up other prime booking channels to host self-catering accommodation. We and Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Flip Key, and the others all take your reviews to heart.

What We do

Local advice, guest comfort, through to guest check out and key return, it is our job to understand every guest is unique. Every holiday rental apartment is also unique, and not to be compared to standard Hotel type stays.

ABN # 61 619 065 673
REGISTSERED OFFICE: Suite 505, 39 East Esplanade Many NSW 2095 AUSTRALIA